Why Outsource Your Recruitment Process?

Recruitment can feel like a deeply personal process. We spend more time with those we work with than our family and friends, and finding the right people to join our team is critical to the success of the business – so, why would we want to outsource this process?


In our industry, time is precious and there isn’t much of it going spare! By outsourcing the recruitment process to a specialised consultancy, you don’t fill your time sifting through CVs or calling candidates to organise the more mundane, logistical aspects of the interview process.


Being a great manager isn’t necessarily a prerequisite to being a great interviewer. Interviewing is a skill and by working alongside the experts, you can often dig deeper, finding out more about a candidate while in the safe hands of a professional.


According to The Office of National Statistics, the UK average salary is £27,271, therefore the price of getting an average job level hire wrong can cost a business in excess of £136,000. This, as we know, can mean significantly more to us, as medical aesthetic roles tend to remunerate higher than the national average.  When we combine this fact with a period of economic uncertainty, it is critical that businesses ensure money is not wasted due to poor hiring decisions.

We are a partnership by name, and partnership by nature  – as we work alongside our clients to source the best person to fit the role, but also, and perhaps more critically, fit with the team. Working with us to hire your next team member is not a precursor to ‘letting go of the reigns’, but rather, giving your company the best chance to hire the most suitable person.

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