The Recruitment Toolkit

Finding the perfect candidate to fit a role within your organisation can be a long and difficult process. Traditional competency based, panel interviews can tell you some of the things you need to know about a potential incumbent, but by taking advantage of a variety of interview techniques, you could get to know your candidates on a much more granular level and gain a clearer understanding of how they might approach the position.

SJ Partnership offers a wide range of interview techniques, each with their own benefits.

The Pre-Assessment 

By conducting a Pre-Assessment, we are able to help companies narrow down a search and put only the best candidates forward for interview. We develop strong relationships with our clients in order to fully understand the skills and expertise required in an ideal candidate. In this Pre-Assessment phase, SJ Partnership provides an initial screening to identify only the most suitable candidates, saving time, money and ensuring a smoother recruitment process from the outset. SJ Partnership offers both Telephone and Video Conferencing Pre-Assessment screening.

The Competency Based Interview

Perhaps the most commonly utilised interview in the recruitment toolkit – competency based interviews allow candidates to describe their skills and experience in a tangible way, while simultaneously providing interviewers with a chance to explore how these experiences could apply to the job at hand.

The Assessment Centre

Utilising Assessment Centres in a recruitment process can provide an organisation with insight into how a candidate would tackle various scenarios and tasks. At SJ Partnership, we work closely with our clients to design and execute Assessment Centres which are bespoke to each vacancy. Assessment Centres also act as a powerful tool in distinguishing between candidates who may seem similar on paper, but in reality, could perform very differently in the same role. This recruitment tool is proven to be incredibly effective in assessing a candidate’s capabilities, skills and strengths.

Psychometric Profiling 

When it comes to putting together a group of people to progress the needs of a business, ‘team fit’ is critical. Although a great deal of the recruitment process revolves around sourcing talent who can fundamentally do the job at hand, it also involves ensuring that the successful candidate will integrate well and thrive within the existing team. While psychometric profiling allows a client to find out how well a candidate is suited to a specific role, the method also provides an insight into how well they would work others. There are many types of psychometric tests, however generally, they measure ability, aptitude and personality. Psychometric testing focuses more on skills and abilities over a candidate’s education, and is often very helpful in determining the ways in which an individual would work best within an organisation.

To find out more about the recruitment tools offered by SJ Partnership, email info@sj-partnership.local.