Virtually Recruiting

COVID-19 indeed forced us all to find a new way of working; however, it also taught us that many of our previous business practices were far from the most efficient way. Whether it is the work-life balance of our leadership teams or the carbon footprint of the organisation the days of co-ordinating diaries to fly everyone to head office for meetings or to support the recruitment process may very well be behind us.

We have discovered the joys of the virtual workplace and recruitment is no exception.

Remember sifting hundreds of CVs in the hope to find the right fit, arranging initial interviews to narrow the field and then inviting all the preferred candidates to an assessment day? With Podium, SJ Partnerships new virtual recruiting tool, you can reduce the sift, improve the assessment process and make the whole experience less painful for everyone involved. The suite of options available can be adopted either in full or each company can cherry-pick those elements best suited to assist their unique recruitment process.

Podium allows you to sift candidates not just read CVs. From the very first interaction with a hiring organisation, the CVs presented are accompanied by a short candidate introduction video. They are allowing the candidate the opportunity to introduce themselves and give you a feel for their motivations behind applying for the role.

Candidates selected to interview can also take a “solo interview” where your pre-selected questions are sent over the portal. The candidate’s interview as though they were face to face. These recordings are sent via a secure portal to your recruitment team and can be viewed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone at a time that fits with each member of your leadership teams schedule. There is no need to co-ordinate diaries or even to be at your desk to view them. Each assessor can add notes and view the interviews on multiple occasions to ensure the correct shortlist chosen.

If, at this stage, your team require more assistance SJ Partnership can offer a completely virtual assessment centre containing all the elements of a face-to-face assessment day. These often include a competency-based interview, presentation and role play. As before, each element is recorded and sent on the secure portal further reducing the travel time for your team and for the candidates and allowing each section to be viewed as many times as necessary to ensure complete confidence in your pick.

Podium is so flexible that your hiring team can opt to choose as few or as many sections as your recruitment process requires.

We believe our system not only speeds up the hiring process by eliminating the need to co-ordinate face to face assessments but improves confidence in the final decision by allowing the interview sections to be revisited.