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The aesthetics industry is exciting and lucrative, yet still relatively young. It is also a unique blend of commerce and medicine which requires a specific skill set for success. At SJ Partnership, we offer so much more than a CV sift. We take the time to listen and understand your unique skillset, personality and career goals in order to match you with a job opportunity which will truly deliver what you’re looking for.



Effective sales teams are the lifeblood of successful medical aesthetic businesses however many employers struggle not just to recruit the right individuals, but to retain and create high-functioning teams. Recruitment can be an expensive task, and failure to attract and retain quality sales people has a significant impact on sales and company growth.

SJ Partnership provides an expert, trusted and proven approach to supporting your recruitment and retention needs from start to finish.

Expert Counsel

Our clients can access over 20 years of our combined aesthetic industry experience and connections

Effective Recruitment

We offer a strategic, in-depth approach to recruitment: helping find and retain the best talent for your business needs

Maximising Teams

We’re not just about recruitment: we can help optimise existing teams to enhance skills and sales effectiveness

Trusted Approach

SJ Partnership offers a trusted, effective client service for new and existing aesthetic businesses, to achieve sales and growth in a fast and cost-effective manner