More Than a Pay Cheque

Holding down a steady job means financial stability, consistency and routine, but what else can a person get back from a great career, and how important is finding a recruiter that understands your aspirations and motivations when it comes to securing your next role?

Professional Development

Finding a role that allows you to develop and grow both personally and professionally can play a huge part in how an incumbent feels about the position. Whether professional development is achieved through ongoing opportunities to learn, engaging KPIs, attending industry events or internal mentoring, feeling that you are moving forward and progressing in your career can prove intrinsically important to success.

A Personality Fit 

Finding a role that fits your personality type and allows you to tap into all of your key skills is vital, and is often overlooked by recruiters. Different personality types thrive in certain working environments and SJ Partnership works with each of its candidates on a one-to-one basis to ensure that not only the candidate is right for the job, but that the job is right for the candidate.

Expanding Your Network

Every new role brings with it an opportunity to meet new people, make connections and build relationships. By attending industry events, being engaged and enthusiastic during meetings and using tools such as LinkedIn effectively, it becomes easy to expand your network and maintain strong professional relationships that will stand the test of time, even when you move on to the next opportunity.

Aligning Values

You think you’ve found the perfect role and your previous experience and skillset tick all of the boxes, but is the company one that aligns with your values? Engagement and performance are very closely linked so it’s important to take a step back and decide the key elements that must work for you when taking on a new role. Often, when it comes to the recruitment process, it can be difficult to get a real idea of an organisation’s values, or you may even be given a rose-tinted version through questions asked at interview. While you can do your own homework by reaching out to your wider network, researching online and through social media, we also play our part. SJ Partnership works with clients and candidates closely to ensure a clear picture of a role is communicated to the candidate, and an all round assessment is conducted of a candidate to establish that values are aligned.

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